Financial hightlights - Group

Income statement        
 Q4 2017Q4 201620172016
 NOK million%NOK million%NOK million%NOK million%
Net interest income2901.762731.791 1001.721 0821.79
Net commission and other operating income510.31450.301940.301820.30
Net return from financial investments70.0400.00480.08990.16
Total income3482.113182.091 3422.101 3632.25
Total operating costs1440.881430.945900.925860.97
Profit before impairment on loans2041.231751.157521.187771.28
Impairment on loans, guarantees etc.-1-0.01220.14130.02220.04
Pre tax profit2051.241531.017391.167551.24
Profit after tax1570.951130.755570.885740.94
Statement of financial position   
NOK million31.12.2017% change during last 12 months31.12.2016
Total assets66 4918.061 593
Average assets64 0005.760 525
Loans to and receivables from customers56 8677.952 691
Gross loans to retail customers39 8177.237 133
Gross loans to corporate and public entities17 1689.115 734
Deposits from customers32 8030.732 562
Deposits from retail customers19 6885.418 675
Deposits from corporate and public entities13 101-5.613 877
Key figures    
 Q4 2017Q4 201620172016
Return on equity (annualised) 4)11.58.810.411.6
Costs as a percentage of income41.745.144.043.0
Losses as a percentage of loans 1.1/start of the period-
Problem loans as a percentage of loans (prior to impairment)0.571.160.571.12
Problem loans as a percentage of loans (after impairment)0.401.010.400.98
Deposits to lending ratio as a percentage57.761.857.761.8
Liquidity Coverage Ratio (LCR)1599115991
Lending growth as a percentage0.
Deposit growth as a percentage-
Capital adequacy ratio 1) 2)18.418.618.418.6
Core capital as a percentage 1) 2)16.817.016.817.0
Core Tier 1 capital as a percentage 1) 2)15.014.615.014.6
Leverage Ratio (LR) 2)
Equity Certificates (ECs)     
Profit per EC (Group) (NOK) 3)27.7028.8025.2531.2021.65
Profit per EC (Parent Bank) (NOK) 3)27.0029.8525.7029.1018.45
EC fraction 1.1 as a percentage (Parent Bank)49.649.649.649.647.7
Number of ECs issued (NOK million)988.70988.70988.70988.70988.70
Price at Oslo Stock Exchange (NOK)262254188216198
Stock market value (NOK million)2 5902 5111 8592 1361 958
Book value per EC (Group) (NOK)289275257244225
Dividend per EC (NOK)14.0014.0011.5013.508.00
Price/Earnings (Group, annualised)
Price/Book value (P/B) (Group)0.910.930.730.890.88
1) Calculated according to IRB in Basel II incl. transitional rule in Basel I. IRB for mass market from 31st March 2015 and IRB Foundation for corporate commitments from 30th June 2014.
2) Incl.proposed allocations
3) Calculated using the EC-holders' share (49.6 %) of the period's profit to be allocated to equity owners.
4) Calculated using the share of the profit to be allocated to the equity owners.