Statement of cash flow - Group

Amounts in NOK million31.12.201631.12.2015
Cash flow from operating activities  
Interest, commission and fees received1 8802 109
Interest, commission and fees paid-344-524
Dividend and group contribution received22
Operating expenses paid-465-532
Income taxes paid-214-202
Changes relating to loans to and claims on other financial institutions556-44
Changes relating to repayment of loans/leasing to customers-1 845-2 922
Changes in utilised credit facilities420485
Net change in deposits from customers3 1731 000
Net cash flow from operating activities3 163-628
Cash flow from investing activities  
Interest received on certificates, bonds and other securities110104
Proceeds from the sale of certificates, bonds and other securities3 8601 483
Purchases of certificates, bonds and other securities-5 380-1 512
Proceeds from the sale of fixed assets etc.174
Purchase of fixed assets etc.-20-43
Changes in other assets92-283
Net cash flow from investing activities-1 321-247
Cash flow from financing activities  
Interest paid on debt securities-404-455
Net change in deposits from Norges Bank and other financial institutions-400511
Proceeds from bond issues raised1 5277 056
Redemption of debt securities-2 947-5 107
Dividend paid-114-133
Changes in other debt-258-21
Net cash flow from financing activities-2 5961 851
Net change in cash and cash equivalents-754976
Cash balance at 01.011 05478
Cash balance at 31.123001 054