Statement of financial position - Parent Bank

Amounts in NOK million31.12.201531.12.2014 
Cash and claims on Norges Bank1 05478 
Loans to and receivables from credit institutions2 1742 076 
Loans to and receivables from customers34 53033 495 
Certificates, bonds and other interest-bearing securities4 3334 588 
Financial derivatives650503 
Shares and other securities168126 
Equity stakes in Group companies1 1711 071 
Deferred tax benefit6040 
Intangible assets4731 
Fixed assets5054 
Other assets17453 
Total assets44 41142 115 
Liabilities and equity   
Amounts in NOK million31.12.201531.12.2014 
Loans and deposits from credit institutions1 343651 
Deposits from customers29 41028 407 
Debt securities issued6 2065 874 
Financial derivatives586713 
Other liabilities521204 
Incurred costs and prepaid income7577 
Other provisions for incurred liabilities and costs59202 
Perpetual Hybrid Tier 1 capital826878 
Subordinated loan capital501501 
Total liabilities39 52737 507 
EC capital989989 
ECs owned by the Bank-13-11 
Share premium354353 
Paid-in equity1 3301 331 
Primary capital fund2 1832 048 
Gift fund125125 
Dividend equalisation fund935799 
Value adjustment fund8234 
Other equity229269 
Retained earnings3 5543 276 
Total equity4 8844 608 
Total liabilities and equity44 41142 115 
Guarantees1 6051 660