Financial highlights - Group

Income statement          
 Q3 2017Q3 201630.09.201730.09.20162016
 NOK million%NOK million%NOK million%NOK million%NOK million%
Net interest income2811.722711.778101.708091.791 0821.79
Net commission and other operating income510.32490.321430.301370.301820.30
Net return from financial investments40.02250.16410.09990.22990.16
Total income3362.063452.259942.091 0452.311 3632.25
Total operating costs1450.891480.974460.944430.985860.97
Profit before impairment on loans1911.171971.285481.156021.337771.28
Impairment on loans, guarantees etc.60.0450.03140.0300.00220.04
Pre tax profit1851.131921.255341.126021.337551.24
Profit after tax1390.851460.954000.844611.025740.94
Statement of financial position     
NOK million30.09.2017% change YTD 201731.12.2016% change during last 12 months30.09.2016
Total assets66 1897.561 5937.161 790
Average assets63 3544.760 5255.060 355
Loans to and receivables from customers56 4887.252 6919.151 753
Gross loans to retail customers39 2455.737 1337.836 415
Gross loans to corporate and public entities17 37010.415 73412.315 467
Deposits from customers33 0821.632 5622.332 350
Deposits from retail customers19 6965.518 6756.418 512
Deposits from corporate and public entities13 230-4.713 877-3.413 690
Key figures     
 Q3 2017Q3 201630.09.201730.09.20162016
Return on equity (annualised)10.511.710.212.511.6
Costs as a percentage of income44.243.144.942.443.0
Losses as a percentage of loans 1.1/start of the period0.
Problem loans as a percentage of loans (prior to impairment)0.610.430.610.431.16
Problem loans as a percentage of loans (after impairment)0.450.300.450.301.01
Deposits to lending ratio as a percentage58.662.558.662.561.8
Liquidity Coverage Ratio (LCR)11211411211491
Lending growth as a percentage0.
Deposit growth as a percentage-
Capital adequacy ratio 1) 2)19.118.819.118.818.6
Core capital as a percentage 1) 2)17.117.317.117.317.0
Core Tier 1 capital as a percentage 1) 2)14.514.914.514.914.6
Leverage Ratio (LR)
Equity Certificates (ECs)      
Profit per EC (Group) (NOK)20.1023.1028.8025.2531.2021.65
Profit per EC (Parent Bank) (NOK)22.3025.7029.8525.7029.1018.45
EC fraction 1.1 as a percentage (Parent Bank)49.649.649.649.649.647.7
Number of ECs issued (NOK million)988.70988.70988.70988.70988.70988.70
Price at Oslo Stock Exchange (NOK)260205254188216198
Stock market value (NOK million)2 5712 0272 5111 8592 1361 958
Book value per EC (Group) (NOK)274263271253242223
Dividend per EC (NOK)14.0011.5014.0011.5013.508.00
Price/Earnings (Group, annualised)
Price/Book value (P/B) (Group) 3)0.940.780.940.740.890.89
1) Calculated according to IRB in Basel II incl. transitional rule in Basel I. IRB for mass market from 31st March 2015 and IRB Foundation for corporate commitments from 30th June 2014.
2) Incl. 50 per cent of profit after tax
3) Incl. 100 per cent of profit after tax