Note 9

Transactions with related parties
These are transactions between the Parent Bank and wholly-owned subsidiaries which have been done at arm`s length and at arm`s length`s prices.
The most important transactions which have been done and netted out in the Group accounts are as follows:
PARENT BANK30.06.201730.06.201631.12.2016
Statement of income   
Interest and credit commission income from subsidiaries201027
Received dividend and group contribution from subsidiaries156176176
Rent paid to Sparebankeiendom AS8816
Administration fee received from Møre Boligkreditt AS151326
Statement of financial position   
Claims on subsidiaries1 2352 0391 270
Covered bonds150252 186
Liabilities to subsidiaries162254284
Accumulated loan portfolio transferred to Møre Boligkreditt AS20 54018 14119 815