Note 11

Capital adequacy
Core Capital   
EC capital989989989
- ECs owned by the Bank-5-13-3
Share premium354354354
Additional Tier 1 capital34900
Primary capital fund2 3432 1832 346
Gift fund125125125
Dividend equalisation fund1 0929361 092
Value adjustment fund518251
Proposed dividend for the EC holders00138
Proposed dividend for the local community00141
Other equity208229208
Accumulated profit for the period2672770
Total equity5 7735 1625 441
Goodwill and intangible assets-44-51-47
Value adjustments of financial instruments at fair value-13-14-14
Value adjustment fund-51-82-51
Perpetual Hybrid Tier 1 capital589807800
Expected losses exceeding actual losses, IRB portfolios-155-121-219
Proposed dividend for the EC holders00-138
Proposed dividend for the local community00-141
Accumulated profit for the period-267-2770
Total core capital5 8325 4235 630
Common equity Tier 1 Capital4 8944 6164 830
Supplementary capital   
Subordinated loan capital of limited duration702501502
36 % addition for net unrealised gains on shares available for sale000
50 % deduction for equity in other financial institutions000
Total supplementary capital702501502
Net equity and subordinated loan capital6 5345 9246 132
Capital requirement by exposure classes   
Exposure classes SA - credit risk30.06.201730.06.201631.12.2016
Central governments or central banks000
Regional governments or local authorities151114
Public sector companies202217
Institutions (banks etc)466646
Companies (corporate customers)030
Mass marked (retail banking customers)000
Secured by mortgage on immovable property000
Exposures in default000
Covered bonds181820
Other items116119121
Total capital requirements - credit risk, The Standardised Approach223247226
Exposure classes IRB - credit risk30.06.201730.06.201631.12.2016
Retail - Secured by real estate642584602
Retail - Other484646
Specialised lending495500415
Other corporate lending307263465
IRB-F capital requirements2 1622 0772 157
Total capital requirements - credit risk2 3852 3242 383
Exposure classes SA - market risk30.06.201730.06.201631.12.2016
Foreign exchange000
Credit value adjustment risk (CVA)294129
Total capital requirements - market risk294129
Operational Risk (Basic Indicator Approach)200194194
Deductions from the capital requirement000
Total capital requirement less transitional rules2 6142 5592 606
Additional capital requirements from transitional rules 1)2066335
Total capital requirements2 8202 6222 641
Total risk-weighted assets less transitional rules32 67831 99032 553
Total risk-weighted assets from transitional rules2 572793455
Total risk-weighted assets35 25032 78333 008
Minimum requirement common equity Tier 1 capital (4.5 %)1 5861 4751 483
Buffer Requirement30.06.201730.06.201631.12.2016
Capital conservation buffer (2.5 %)881820825
Systemic risk buffer (3.0 %)1 058983990
Countercyclical buffer (1.5%)529492495
Total buffer requirements2 4682 2952 310
Available common equity Tier 1 capital after buffer requirements8408461 037
Capital adequacy as a percentage of the weighted asset calculation basis incl. transitional rules30.06.201730.06.201631.12.2016
Capital adequacy ratio18.618.018.6
Capital adequacy ratio incl. 50 per cent of the profit for the period18.918.5 
Core capital ratio16.616.517.0
Core capital ratio incl. 50 per cent of the profit for the period16.917.0 
Core Tier 1 capital ratio13.914.114.6
Core Tier 1 capital ratio incl. 50 per cent of the profit for the period14.314.5 
Leverage Ratio (LR)30.06.201730.06.201631.12.2016
Leverage Ratio (LR)