Note 8

Operating segments
Result - Q1 2016GroupEliminations/ otherCorporateRetail 1)Real estate brokerage
Net interest income250-271101670
Other operating income561320203
Total income306-141301873
Operating costs1482330914
Profit before impairment158-3710096-1
Impairment on loans, guarantees etc.-200-20
Pre tax profit160-3710098-1
Profit after tax120    
Key figures - 31.03.2016GroupEliminations/ otherCorporateRetail 1)Real estate brokerage
Loans to customers 1)51 4401 02416 13834 2780
Deposits from customers 1)29 73884010 00018 8980
Guarantee liabilities1 69301 68580
The deposit-to-loan ratio57.882.062.055.10
Result - Q1 2015GroupEliminations/ otherCorporateRetail 1)Real estate brokerage
Net interest income255-151151550
Other operating income671521265
Total income32201361815
Operating costs1472628885
Profit before impairment175-26108930
Impairment on loans, guarantees etc.810-200
Pre tax profit167-36110930
Profit after tax122    
Key figures - 31.03.2015GroupEliminations/ otherCorporateRetail 1)Real estate brokerage
Loans to customers 1)50 4541 06717 33832 0490
Deposits from customers 1)28 4776949 47018 3130
Guarantee liabilities1 65201 64390
The deposit-to-loan ratio58.165.054.657.10
1) The subsidiary, Møre Boligkreditt AS, is part of the Bank’s Retail segment. The mortgage company's main objective is to issue covered bonds for both national and international investors, and the company is part of Sparebanken Møre's long-term financing strategy. Key figures for Møre Boligkreditt AS are displayed in a separate table.
Statement of incomeQ1 2016Q1 2015
Net interest income6075
Other operating income48
Total income6483
Operating costs87
Profit before impairment on loans5676
Impairment on loans, guarantees etc.00
Pre tax profit5676
Profit after tax4255
Statement of financial position31.03.201631.03.2015
Loans to and receivables from customers18 02315 772
Total equity1 3951 208