Financial highlights - Group

Income statement      
 Q1 2015Q1 20142014
 NOK millionIn percentageNOK millionIn percentageNOK millionIn percentage
Net interest income2731.932691.981 0932.01
Net commission and other operating income470.33430.321800.33
Net return from financial investments200.14170.121350.25
Total income3402.403292.421 4082.59
Total operating costs1471.041431.055641.04
Profit before impairment on loans1931.361861.378441.55
Impairment on loans, guarantees etc.80.0660.04220.04
Pre tax profit1851.301801.338221.51
Profit after tax1350.951320.986231.15
Statement of financial position     
NOK million31.03.2015% change during Q1 201531.12.2014% change during last 12 months31.03.2014
Total assets58 2533.556 3057.254 339
Average assets56 6884.154 4554.254 422
Loans to and receivables from customers50 4543.248 8849.546 072
Deposits from customers28 4770.328 3890.228 434
Key figures   
 Q1 2015Q1 20142014
Return on equity (annualised)11.712.114.0
Costs as a percentage of income43.243.540.1
Losses as a percentage of loans 1.1/start of the period0.060.050.05
Problem loans as a percentage of loans (prior to impairment)0.771.210.80
Problem loans as a percentage of loans (after impairment)0.500.840.51
Deposits to lending ratio as a percentage56.461.558.1
Core capital as a percentage 1) 2)16.115.814.4
Core tier 1 capital as a percentage 1) 2)13.612.812.0
Equity Certificates:   
Profit per EC (Group) (NOK)6.756.6231.20
Profit per EC (Parent Bank) (NOK)13.5511.7729.10
EC fraction 1.1 as a percentage (Parent Bank)49.649.649.6
Price at Oslo Stock Exchange (NOK)229196216
Price/Book value (P/B) (Group) 3)0.970.870.89
1) Sparebanken Møre's capital requirements have been based on IRB-Foundation for corporate commitments from 30th June 2014 and IRB-Retail for retail commitments from 31st March 2015.
2) Incl. 50 per cent of profit after tax   
3) Incl. 100 per cent of profit after tax