Statement of cash flow - Group

Amounts in NOK million31.03.201531.03.201431.12.2014
Cash flow from operating activities   
Interest, commission and fees received5838002 262
Interest, commission and fees paid-271-423-851
Dividend and group contribution received047
Operating expenses paid-122-124-513
Income taxes paid-91-79-188
Changes relating to loans to and claims on other financial institutions212154-446
Changes relating to repayment of loans/leasing to customers-1 080119-2 223
Changes in utilised credit facilities-49539-546
Net cash flow from operating activities-1 264490-2 498
Cash flow from investing activities   
Proceeds from the sale of certificates, bonds and other securities4224622 594
Purchases of certificates, bonds and other securities-326-979-2 137
Proceeds from the sale of fixed assets etc.001
Purchase of fixed assets etc.-12-3-33
Changes in other assets-631190-454
Net cash flow from investing activities-547-330-29
Cash flow from financing activities   
Net change in deposits from customers88228332
Net change in deposits from Norges Bank and other financial institutions21-778-559
Proceeds from bond issues raised2 8027006 258
Redemption of debt securities-1 010-561-4 956
Dividend paid00-79
Changes in other debt-42-208328
Net cash flow from financing activities1 859-6191 324
Net change in cash and cash equivalents48-459-1 203
Cash balance at 01.01781 2811 281
Cash balance at 31.03/31.1212682278