Sparebanken Møre Group consists of the Parent Bank and three wholly owned subsidiaries: Møre Boligkreditt AS, Møre Eiendomsmegling AS and Sparebankeiendom AS. Sparebankeiendom AS is a real estate company that owns and manages the Bank's own commercial properties.

Møre Boligkreditt AS

Møre Boligkreditt AS is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sparebanken Møre. The company’s purpose is to acquire mortgages from Sparebanken Møre and finance these through issuing covered bonds. Covered bonds are among the most actively traded private bonds on the Oslo Stock Exchange, and is, next to government bonds, considered to be one of the safest securities in the Norwegian market. Møre Boligkreditt AS is Sparebanken Møre’s primary source of long-term funding, and the company has issued covered bonds in both NOK, as well as EUR. Covered bonds issued by Møre Boligkreditt AS are listed on Oslo Stock Exchange as well as London Stock Exchange. Managing Director of Møre Boligkreditt AS is Ole Andre Kjerstad.

Key Figures 2019 NOK million
Net loans to customers 25,655
Debt Securities issued (covered bonds)23,062
Net interest income 308
Profit after tax 222

Aaa-rated by Moody's

Møre Eiendomsmegling AS

The company was established in 1992 and acquired by Sparebanken Møre in 2005. Møre Eiendomsmegling changed their market name to Møremegling in 2019. Møre Eiendomsmegling AS provides real estate brokerage services in the purchase and sale of homes, leisure homes, project brokering and business brokering. They are among the largest and most experienced broker communities in Møre og Romsdal and have 14 employees and offices in Molde, Ålesund and Ørsta. The company traded 371 properties in 2019. Managing Director of Møre Eiendomsmegling AS is Odd Arild Sæther.

Key Figures 2019 NOK million
Turnover 19.9
Profit after tax  0.8
Equity 11.0

"Dedicated real estate agents"