Executive Management Group

CEO's Executive Management Group consist of the Heads of Divisions, Corporate Banking and Retail Banking Division

Olav Arne Fiskerstrand, CEO.

Olav Arne Fiskerstrand

60 years (12 930)

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Erik Røkke, EVP, Head of Credit and Legal Division.

Erik Røkke

47 years (5 250)

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Idar Vattøy, EVP, Head of Financial Control, Risk Management, Human Resources and Security Division.

Idar Vattøy

57 years (3 943)

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Kjell Jan Brudevoll, EVP, Søre Sunnmøre Corporate Banking Division.

Kjell Jan Brudevoll

62 years (2 226)

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Kolbjørn Heggdal, EVP, Romsdal & Nordmøre Corporate Banking Division.

Kolbjørn Heggdal

52 years (1 816)

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Perdy Lunde, EVP, Head of Business Development and Support Division.

Perdy Karin Lunde

59 years (3 473)

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Runar Sandanger EVP, Head of Treasury & Market Division.

Runar Sandanger

58 years (3 000)

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Terje Krøvel, EVP, Sunnmøre Corporate Banking Division.

Terje Krøvel

57 years (3 762)

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Trond Lars Nydal, EVP, Retail Banking Division.

Trond Lars Nydal

46 years (4 885)

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Tone Skotheim Gjerdsbakk, Public Information Manager.

Tone Skotheim Gjerdsbakk

34 years (2 071)

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*The figures in brackets after abovementioned names indicate the number of Sparebanken Møre ECs held by each person. Any ECs owned by the closest family members and companies where the persons mentioned are either general partners or members of the Board of Directors have also been included in the bracketed figures.